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Some Police Critical of Governor’s
Endorsement of Acting Police Chief

By The STAR Staff

The support given by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló
Nevares last week to acting Police
Superintendent Henry Escalera felt like
a bucket of cold water in several sectors of the
island police, who had hoped that an immediate
change in leadership could stop the endorsement
that the interim chief has given to
several high offi cials who have been “running
over” lower-ranking offi cers, according to
information obtained by Inter News Service
A large number of complaints have been
received regarding the actions of the offi cials,
and in other cases they are simply labeled as
“corrupt,” INS reported.
The beginning of the current crime wave
coincided with the expulsion of Michelle Hernández
de Fraley from the superintendent’s
chair, the group of police told INS.
In addition, they said, the police do not
believe that Escalera is the leader that is needed
at this moment in which homicides have
increased, especially involving fi rearms.
They said Escalera “lacks the merits to be
confi rmed” in the position because he only
has two years at the university level — at the
police academy — and no other study.
More serious, however, is the complaint
that has been made about the possible intervention
of Escalera in the legal proceedings
against his son Henry Escalera Arroyo, who is
accused of serious crimes such as armed robbery,
and possession of controlled substances
and illegal weapons, among others.
Escalera Arroyo allegedly only served
fi ve years in prison while the members of the
gang to which he belonged are still serving
out sentences.
For the group of police offi cers, Escalera
Arroyo’s criminal fi le was cleaned, although,
they claim, the original is still preserved.
“We ask, how are we going to serve under
an offi cer who is corrupt?” a member of the
police group told INS. “Because that’s what it’s
called, do not tell me anything else, because …
we know that’s the case.”
Responding to specifi c questions from
INS, the governor endorsed Escalera without
qualifi cation last Wednesday, although a Feb.
21 letter from police makes serious accusations
against Lt. Col. Carlos J. Miranda Soto and the
acting superintendent, the original recipient
of the letter.
Rosselló said last week that he has “confi
dence in both the [Public Safety] secretary
[Héctor] Pesquera and the superintendent
Henry Escalera to carry out the process so
Last week, in response to questions from
INS regarding about if he knows any aspect of
Escalera that prevents him from nominating
him for superintendent permanently, the governor
reiterated his support for Escalera as
his interim.
“Superintendent Escalera has been a great
worker,” Rosselló said. “He has been running
the 30-60-90 plan. We are very proud of the
work he is doing, but he always assumed that
position, understanding that it was an interim
one and that we were going to conduct a search
process [for a permanent superintendent].”
However, INS learned that Escalera
has lobbied in the Senate to be the nominee,
although that legislative body, a source said,
will not nominate him.
The same police offi cers also criticize
Escalera’s endorsements of offi cers such as the
controversial Miranda Soto.
They said they sent evidence of nearly
three dozen administrative complaints lodged
against Miranda Soto to Escalera, and he has
not done anything. 

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